The Magic of Love

The one thing that we must know to be able to have confidence that we can do what anyone else has done and even better is to know that it was not done by magic inherent in some but by the power of Love that resides in us all. Every person who has done anything started off with a dream that grew into a desire that could not be denied and with faith, and love nurtured their dream until it became reality. They worked at it, they believed in themselves and the omnipotence within them, and persevered through all obstacles because they knew in their heart it was meant to be. Believe me, their accomplishment did not just fall into their lap. What is fatal to your dream more than anything is believing that people who have done greatness have some special power that has not been bequeath to you or that God almighty favors some more than others. Stop believing that lie and know deep down within your soul that what God can do for one, God can certainly do for you. It may not be of the same form but will bring joy, peace and abundance just the same. “God is no respecter of persons.” Love shines on all. There is a principle, a process to everything and if you take hold of it and work with it, anything good you can dream can be manifested for you too. You did not get left out by God; only by denying your own divinity do you exclude yourself from the goodness of God.