Everything is Going to be Allright.

Embracing the new Spirituality, which is an awareness of the oneness of the universe, does not mean one will not endure challenges and adversity. On the contrary, Life does roll on so challenges will come and go. However, with an understanding of the Supreme Power of the universe and universal laws, we have faith that everything will work out even though we cannot understand or see how from our present perception. We know that adversity and challenges are but steps on the journey to get us to where we are destined to go so we do not resist but accept it and allow it to pass knowing that everything “works for the good of those who Love God.” Read “everything works for the good of those who Love God” as goodness is the only thing that can result if we have faith in the omnipresence and omnipotence and omniscience of The Source of all. Life will always present challenges but only to strengthen your faith, in the one Power of the Universe that can overcome them.


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