Love is Me, Love is You

Love is Me, Love is You
The highest prayer of the soul is that I am always as God created me and will remain forever so. The me that I appear to be is not the real me but a vehicle for the expression of the eternal love that resides in me. I am here to grow and become more and more of what my Creator is because I and my Creator are one and the same. I am here to give and see the light of love and the only thing that can prevent me from seeing a true reflection of my self in life’s mirror is the darkness of my own false perceptions. Love is all around me, inside me and in each and every person that I meet. Anything else I see is an error of my own thinking. To see love in all is to see God, to see beauty, to see light. Everything I see and everyone I meet is the seed of love growing into the flower of beauty and wholeness watered by the stream of love that I allow to flow from within me. I am love in expression and that I will forever be


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