There is Nothing Hard about Change

It is extremely difficult focus on what could be when appearances all around you say otherwise. But what is even harder is knowing that you will stay that way thinking according to what is instead focusing on what can be. Nothing external will change until we first change our thoughts for everything is a reflection of your inner life. As you think, so you are; as you continue to think the same thoughts, so shall you remain. It is the law.

When you are engaging in the same thought process that got you to where you are today, you are really using the one power to work against yourself for all the power in heaven and earth cannot change your circumstances when your vibrational pattern is not in alignment with your true desire for that would be to violate the law of cause and effect which cannot be done. One of the ideas that has helped me is knowing that “what is”, is passing away, the impermanence of it, and that by focusing on it is what allows it to remain. All you see when you look upon your external world is the result of your previous thinking; it is the past, so allow it to pass. Use your inner power to not allow appearances to dictate what you will think now for that is to be a prisoner to your past thoughts and not truly be free. Your future will be determined by vibrations you are offering up now, so offer up ones that will give you a newer, brighter one rather than a repetition of the past. Nothing will change until your thoughts and thus vibrations change.

It is hard to think truth, of what could be, when appearances shout otherwise but hard is beside the point when we realize that it is work that must be done if we want change, if we want to be liberated from the dark past to see the light of a new future. Ask yourself one question when faced with staying in the same circumstances – , not growing, staying in poverty, living a mediocre life -, how hard can changing your thoughts be when it is a guarantee of change for the better? The answer should be, when seen from this perspective, not hard at all for changing your thinking offers you a way out from what is really hard.


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