Born To Rise

The only reason I can think of that we are born into negative circumstances it that we have a positive truth within us that can rise above it, and our mission is to break the cycle and it is the experience of going through whatever it is you have gone through (and I know it is hard, cause I have been there) that causes the truth to be awakened in you, to remember why you are here so you can awaken others to the truth of why they are here. We were told what our mission was long before you got to earth, it was planted in our hearts, our minds, and soul, We indeed chose it, chose to be born in this time and place, to be born in our families, for we had lessons to learn and lessons to teach others so that the plan, the mission whatever it is could be accomplished. Don’t focus so on the pain. It is a reason for it all. But in order to find the reason, to make sense of the suffering, the darkness, you have to go within and find your inner light and let it be a lantern of hope and joy, peace for all those who have crossed your path who are just as much in the dark as you are so that they can find their way by the light that is lit within them. The only way we can have light is to bring it to others which is the point of our having endured the darkness.


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