Whatever it is you can see in your mind’s eye being, that is what you can be. There is no dream impossible to achieve if one has the vision of it in the heart, mind and soul. Many of us do not achieve our dreams because we have not even allowed ourselves to dream because we have been told in so many ways from our environment that the yearnings of our heart cannot really come true, that they are impossible. Your deepest dreams are why you were born, and are your destiny. The nightmare you are living is of your own making. Overcome the negative beliefs that you are limited being, for that is what is limiting you and restricting you to mediocrity. When you are not living your dreams, you are not really living. When your dreams are buried under the fears of doubt, that is what it is to experience death for the living the reasons you were born is what makes your soul dance and come alive. Dreams are real, living a lie is the nightmare.


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