Dead or Alive?

We are not truly alive until love is born in our soul.


Future is not Fated, It is Created

Too many of us are sitting around waiting for things to happen instead of using our energies to make things happen. On this day, resolve to be proactive instead of reactive.


I know when we focus on what we have rather than what we lack, we can find something to smile about.”

Power over Circumstances

I understand that my life is about being able to show people that we can rise above negative circumstances through the power of a positive attitude. Once upon a time, I was going down the wrong road, going in the wrong direction because I was on a trip of self-pity and self-destruction when I decided I did not want to go where that road was leading me.

I told myself, that yes life had given me a raw deal, but I did not have to accept that as the final answer. I decided I would not allow circumstances to have power over me, the power to decide what choices I could make, what I could do and become. I woke up and saw the beautiful truth that where I started in life did not determine where and how far I could go in life.

I did not want to be a victim of circumstances; I vowed to empower myself to conquer them and rise higher than a bird in flight. This has been the meaning of my life and has been the fuel to keep me going, when so often I felt that I would give out.

I say this to say when you feel like giving up, when you feel you cannot go on, reach deep inside yourself to find that extra strength you need because it is there. Find a reason for it all. There is a reason for the madness, the sorrow, and the pain. It’s only so you can look within your own soul where all power exists for you to overcome.

“Love is in Need of Love"

As we remember the terror and heartbreak inflicted on 9/11, let us remember hate cannot conquer love but love can conquer hate if that is our response to hate. Evil cannot endure in the presence of love. Let all of us mediate on love for just one moment, love for ourselves, love for family, love for neighbors near and far. Love for all the human family. When we can hold on to thoughts of love for everyone seeing the unity of all living things, of all nature, we ensure that a 9/11 will not be repeated for how can we hurt other beings who are but an extension of ourselves.?

We Can Change

Fear is learned, hate is learned , our natural state is love

Hang in There

“The race is not to the swifft and the strong but the one who endures to the end.” Hang in there everyone. Never give up. The only prize for giving up is that we get to start the race all over again for our souls will never be satisfied with less than the kingdom of heaven, living our heart’s true desires.