Relax and Enjoy The Ride

relax and enjoy the ride of life. Yes, the ride has bumps and we pass through some treacherous curves and endure delays due to detours at times , but if we realize God is the driver and is in control, we will arrive at the infinite sea of love. Oh, all of God’s children, you can make it.



We have self-worth not because of what we look like, what we have, what we do, but becasue we are here. To come here in your unique way is to have worth for God sent you.

Be your Best, Forget the Rest

Never apologize for trying to reach for the best that is within you, and never dim your light in order to make others feel comfortable. You have every right to keep reaching for your “Highest Ground. “

The Source of Power is within you

“What you meant for evil, God meant for good. “ Though they may think it, and try to do so, no one can take from you the good the Source, the Principal of being intended you to have. Really understanding this is the key to forgiveness which opens the door to peace and poise, which is power. You are love, and always will be. That is your unchangeable essence. No matter is said or done to you, your response can always be one of love for that is what you are. No one can take away anything from you that you do not first give them through your belief that it can be taken away which only acknowledges that your thought about who you are is in error.