Pain is Power

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.
– Kahlil Gibran


The Gift of Forgiveness

Forgiveness How often do you pray for those who you have perceived have harmed you? How often do you ask that they be blessed (blessed means to be as God created them to be) and shown mercy and grace by God’s unconditional love? How often do you ask God to let his love be the medicine that heals the wounds embedded in the soul of the ones who lash out at us? The true barometer of being Godly is to still love others when they are being anything but loving towards us. This is forgiveness and it is to give the forgiven something that they have not yet seen in themselves and that is the awareness that they are love. There is a reason that the words for and give are intertwined in the word forgiveness: We give something for something. WE give light to others regardless of the evil others may do to us so that we ourselves may have it. When God said, “let there be light,” he meant be love and there will be light for when there is light it shines for one and for all. When we give good for all the evil someone does to us, we give a light that we shall receive in return and only then can we transcend the darkness together as one.I will be the first to say that it is not easy to forgive for the ego wants vengeance, retribution and punishment. Perhaps the one thing that needs forgiving most of all is our unwillingness to be led by the spirit and allowing the ego to rule.