Soul Accountability

Don’t focus on what others may not be doing. Focus on what you can do or be. It’s not really about anyone else. We are all on our own unique path of growth. You are only accountable for you, how you treat people. On judgment day, it will be a moot point to say; well I was mean because they were mean to me. Yes, people may very well have been mean but you will be accountable for the meanness, you give regardless.


Let it Shine

let your light shine regardless of what anyone says. Its not wrong to succeed. It is a sin not too.

For Real

More than any other quality, I seek to be genuine. I say what I mean and I don’t say it if I don’t mean it. I don’t seek to manipulate others through insincere flattery; I tell others they are beautiful because they are. Most people don’t get it though.

Do you Know?

Somehow, I have lost sight of my dreams, the yearnings of  my soul, by being awake to only what the world thinks I should be and working overtime trying not to disappoint. I saw the movie “Mahogany”(The one with the fabulous, Ms. Ross)   the other night and listening to the lyrics to the theme song, “Do you Know where you are going, are you getting what you are hoping for, do you like what life is showing you.”, I realized how profound those words are and that truthfully, I could not answer yes at this moment in my life. Hopefully, with a little introspection and changes, I can answer yes upon a subsequent listen.

Breathe Life into your dreams

When you have a yearning to achieve your dreams, close your ears to those who say it cannot be done and study the ones who have done it for it is they who have something to teach you. You were given your dreams by the Divine Creator to achieve them; not to mourn them and bury them in the cemetary of impossibility.

Starve Adversity

We feed our problems with worry and fear and they grow instead of starving them with the awareness of the omnipotence and love of God. Know that if a problem is brought to you, then the power of God will bring you out. Yes, problems come but no problem is bigger or greater than God. Never let adversity break you, let it make you. We are spiritual warriors. Yes, we are and we are here to prove the power of our Source, a power that is greater than any circumstance if we keep the faith in this power and not give power to circumstance.


Relax and Enjoy The Ride

relax and enjoy the ride of life. Yes, the ride has bumps and we pass through some treacherous curves and endure delays due to detours at times , but if we realize God is the driver and is in control, we will arrive at the infinite sea of love. Oh, all of God’s children, you can make it.

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